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Why Do Teeth Become Impacted?

An impacted tooth is one that becomes blocked as it attempts to erupt through the gums and bone of your mouth. To remove these impacted teeth, surgery is often needed to carefully remove the tooth from the jaw without harming surrounding structures or nerves. Our team of oral surgeons have the skills and years of experience to successfully remove impacted teeth right in our office. While many dentists offer tooth extractions, oral surgeons are better equipped and trained to handle complications and prevent infections.

Typically, wisdom teeth become impacted due to the lack of space for them to grow in, but canine teeth or teeth that have been blocked by retained baby teeth can become impacted as well. When a tooth does not fully erupt, it can cause a variety of complications, including pain, infection and damage to surrounding teeth. We can expertly extract impacted teeth to solve these problems and prevent future concerns from developing.

Extraction at an Early Age

Early diagnosis and removal of impacted teeth provides the best outcome, so children should receive dental x-rays around age seven. Identifying impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth, early in childhood allows us to remove them before tooth roots have fully established into the jaw bone, making surgery simpler and healing quicker. If an impacted tooth is left until late adulthood, the tooth may fuse with the jaw bone and require more extensive surgery if extraction is needed.

dr pickup discussing impacted teeth extraction
dr-pickup-discussing-impactedteeth extraction with patient

Choose the Surgery Specialists

Patients are recommended to seek an oral surgeon if they require complicated extractions, have broken or fractured teeth, or require anesthesia during surgery. At Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons our doctors are trained and certified in sedation, including IV sedation, to make the process nearly pain- and anxiety-free. With over 40 years of combined surgical experience, you are in good hands no matter how difficult your extraction may be.

Do x-rays show impacted teeth? Have them removed by our specialists.

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