Three Signs You Need Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Three Signs You Need Dental Implants

It’s not fun to live with missing teeth. You need to re-learn how to talk, eat, and smile in a way that would not affect your degree of comfort and presence. Even if you can adapt, the way your missing teeth can impact your life, you will not be able to completely avoid. 

You can lose bone and gum tissue after they’ve been absent for so long, which can affect your look and life in ways they can’t begin to imagine. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make an appointment to speak with Dr. Nathaniel Wells if you are considering whether you can benefit from getting dental implants.

1. Not a Fan of Dentures

If you’re not ready or interested in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants or any other partial dental replacement options, dental implants are the ideal solution. Although dentures are a common choice for most people, they aren’t always the perfect solution for replacing the tooth. Special care is needed for dentures.These are ideal for people who do not have bone density or a lot of bone or gum tissue left 

2. Concerned About Appearance

If you really are worried about how your teeth look and how they affect your image, you can change that with dental implants. Missing teeth can affect somebody’s appearance dramatically, drastically altering their appearance. Those who are missing teeth often have more self-esteemed issues than those who are not. 

3. Tired of Missing Teeth

It’s hard and tiresome to live with missing teeth. Living a happy and confident lifestyle becomes much harder. Enjoying good oral health is also tougher, as missing teeth put the remaining teeth at risk.  

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Dr. Nathaniel Wells provides a quick and easy solution for patients interested in dental implants with the all on 4 treatment. This treatment helps candidates in as little as one day to have new teeth. Patients receiving all of them on 4 dental implants will effectively regain the appearance and function of their smile.

For more information on this treatment plan, contact our Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, Tennessee offices to schedule an appointment. 

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