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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Prevent Complications

Wisdom teeth are extra molars that develop in the far back of the mouth during the teenage years or early twenties for most people. Patients can have anywhere between zero to four wisdom teeth. If these teeth grow in improperly, they can cause pain, shifting or damage to surrounding teeth and bone, or become infected. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure our team of oral surgeons perform, that removes extra teeth in order to prevent damage to the oral structure. Many times, wisdom teeth are impacted (partially erupted) in the jaw, which requires surgery to remove them from the bone without harming nerves or surrounding teeth. Our board-certified oral surgeons are expertly qualified to remove these wisdom teeth through advanced techniques and gentle approach. 

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Common symptoms that signal wisdom teeth should be extracted

Don’t Ignore Wisdom Teeth Pains

Many patients choose to live with the pains caused by impacted or fully erupted wisdom teeth out of fear of the dentist and surgery. However, this pain can worsen and cause further complications that will require more extensive treatment to repair. As oral surgeons, our team at Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons can extract problem wisdom teeth with minimal discomfort and give you back a pain-free, healthy mouth. We utilize our years of surgical expertise to successfully access wisdom teeth that are still often buried inside the jaw bone and gum tissue. All of our doctors are certified in sedation dentistry including IV sedation, to help prevent dental anxiety and fear and block feelings of pain or discomfort.

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Our Extraction Process

During wisdom tooth surgery, we will perform a 3D CBCT scan of your jaw to gain detailed images of your oral structure, position of wisdom teeth and where nerves are located. You will be sedated during surgery (the type of sedation chosen will be determined with you) so anxiety or discomfort during the procedure is minimized—many patients do not even remember the surgery happening at all. Our experienced oral surgeons will then carefully extract each problem wisdom tooth from the jaw in a manner to promote ease of healing afterward. The locations will then be stitched and protected in order to successfully heal.

Why Choose Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons

Our patients enjoy much needed relief from oral pain and toothaches after wisdom tooth extraction. For many, their oral health is protected from future damage developing, like infection or tooth crowding. By choosing an oral surgeon to perform your extraction, you ensure optimum success and results, as well as:

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Don’t live with wisdom tooth pains. Get professional extraction of problem teeth!

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